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Post-training support

All candidates who have signed up for any course with CyberGees are now able to subscribe to any of our 'Post-training' support programme after the course to provide continued support for the candidates and help them realise their personal goals and objectives. There are various items included in each of the subscription packages and candidates are advised to review the individual packages to identify which suits their needs.​

Recorded Training Videos

Access our range of recorded training sessions to refresh your knowledge of areas covered during prior trainings.

Broadcast Video Camera

CV Reviews

Get expert support in developing CVs which are suited towards getting the right cyber security roles in line with candidates skill-sets.


Cloud Lab Access

Access our cloud-based laboratory environment to access cyber security tools, similar to the ones used across most organisations in an aim to establish a good working knowledge of these tools.

Data Cloud

Career Coaching

Schedule weekly 1 hour sessions with any of our expert coaches and trainers at a time that best suits you to discuss opportunities in relation to personal career goals, objectives and assinged tasks.

Business Handshake

eWork Reference

Receive valid work reference for the period of time involved on our eWork experience platform.

Old Documents

Security Resources and Toolkits

Candidates will have access to some of the security resources and implementation tool-kits they may need to better enhance their understanding of key cyber principles.


Interview Preparations

Receive effective interview skills coaching, using a combination of soft skills training and interview role play to improve your chances of landing the dream cyber security position. You will receive 1 hour coaching for each interview you plan to attend.

Job Interview

Certification Pathways

Candidates will be guided through the various certification pathways, and supported as they take one or more certification exams. Such exams include:

  • ISC2 - System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

  • ISACA - Cyber Security Fundamentals (CSX)

  • BCS - Certified Information Security Management Principles (CISMP)

  • CompTIA - Security+

  • EC Council - Certified Ethical Hacker

In addition, we will support candidates with additional resources such as practice questions, e-books and other useful links to support their self-study process.

Adult Students

eWork Experience

Join our eWork experience programme, where you will work in groups to solve real-world complex cyber security challenges and problems, similar to what you will experience in the workplace.

Startup Team
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